Using “charcoal grill” and “hearth-baking”to bring about the finest Kobe beef.

Although the majority of people eat Kobe beef in Teppanyaki cuisine or in Sukiyaki, we believe the best way to taste the true flavor of Kobe beef is to roast it with charcoal or bake it in a hearth. The fat of Kobe beef has a lower melting point compared to other beef, and in fact can melt even at normal temperature.
At Grill de Kobe, only A5 ranked Kobe beef is being used, and all the Kobe beef is slowly charcoal-grilled to perfection. This method reduces extra fat and allows the umami and flavor of Kobe beef to be locked inside the meat with the fat; a superior method to burning the Kobe Beef on an iron plate.
At Kobe Rogama Kobo, the Kobe beef is made crispy by roasting it in a hearth. Here, guests can enjoy the crispy texture and tender meat. With much of the fat melting away, the remaining lean meat remains, making A4 ranked Kobe beef the most suitable to be cooked in a hearth.
Please come and join us for the best way to enjoy Kobe Beef.

About Restaurant

Experience the best way to eat Kobe beef at Grill de Kobe or Kobe Rogama Kobo; both providing authentic and premium Kobe beef. At Grill de Kobe grade A5 Kobe Beef is served and the finest charcoal is used to cook it, "Binchotan" - a charcoal produced from the Wakayama prefecture. At Kobe Rogama Kobo, premium Kobe beef is cooked to a crispy outside texture and tender meat on the inside by slow roasting it in a hearth.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】Grill de Kobe and Kobe Rogama Kobo
Grill De Kobe: 33 seats
Kobe Rogama Kobo:10 seats
【Closed】Irregular Holidays
【Children】Welcome (However no kid's menu or chairs available)


【Reservations】Reservations required
【How to make a reservation】
※Reservations required from this site at least 3 days in advance (online payment w/credit card or PayPal required for reservation)
Any additional orders made for food or drink at the restaurant can be paid in cash or credit card.


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【Location】Japan, Kobe, Kansai
Kobe, Yakiniku, Japanese barbeque, Teppanyaki, Japanese Steakhouse, Steak, Wagyu, Kobe Beef, Reservation, A5