Nowadays, more and more restaurants have come about to serve Kobe beef in Japan. However, not all Kobe beef is the same, and restaurants should be extremely careful about which producer they choose to procure their beef. Restaurants should not just cook any beef that they get. Instead, restaurants should be very selective of a variety of factors, such as evaluating the producer chosen, as well as the meat itself, such the tenderness of the fat, the color of the red meat and much more. In addition, there are a variety of ways to cook Kobe beef. The characteristics of grade A5 and A4 Kobe beef are very different; hence, choosing the best cooking method for different grades of beef is of significant importance. The A5 grade of Kobe beef has more marbling and thus melts very easy. Therefore, grilling it with charcoal can bring out the best flavors. On the other hand, A4 grade Kobe beef has more red meat to it compared to A5 grade Kobe beef. If we consider the balance of the fat, it would be best to bake it in a hearth to bring out the most delicious crispy texture on the outside and tender meat on the inside. For a taste you can't find at teppanyaki, please feel free to enjoy the best way to have Kobe beef.

Grill de Kobe

At Grill de Kobe, only the A5 grade of Kobe beef is sourced from the best producers in Japan. The reason that Grill de Kobe only serves A5 grade Kobe beef is because of the Kishu Binchotan used- a charcoal produced from the Wakayama prefecture. The Far-infrared effect produced by this charcoal is over 1,000 degrees and reduces excess fat, maintaining the beef’s tenderness while keeping the umami and succulent flavor locked-in. Therefore, the A5 grade that has high-quality marbling is the ideal fit for this method of cooking.

Kobe Rogama Kobo

At Kobe Rogama Kobo, the A4 grade Kobe beef is chosen, and this is for a specific reason. When baking in a hearth, the Kobe beef with a lot of marbling will affect the meat directly, giving the meat a fatty taste. Even with sirloin that has a lot of red meat, the A4 grade Kobe beef would be the best choice to avoid an overly fatty taste. The chef here will carefully make sure every piece of meat comes out with a crispy surface with a balanced portion of fat and red meat.